Building Process

The process of building a new house can be quite daunting, especially if you're building your first new home. Protea Homes explain the new home building process in Melbourne’s south east suburbs step-by-step, in each stage of building your home. We believe the clearer we are the clearer you’ll be in starting the process of building your new home. Starting with setting your budget and choosing your design, the building process kicks off.

The 3 main stages of the new home building process

  • Stage 1  Estimate and sign-off – An estimate is made for your signing
  • Stage 2  Contract and specifications – Your project details and specs are set
  • Stage 3  Building permit and colour selections – After we’ve attained your building permit, you can make your colour selections from our display home colour selection room.

The 6 steps in the construction phase of building your new home

1 Deposit stage

Applying for insurance and building permit

1 Base stage

Site clearing, cut and preparation, drainage installed, slab preparation and concreting

1 Framing stage

Timber frames, roof trusses and windows

1 Lock-up stage

Enclosing the externals, i.e. brickwork/ cladding of walls, facias and gutters

1 Fixing stage

Electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling rough-ins, wall and ceiling linings insulation, plastering, cabinetry, architraves, skirts and fit-outs

1 Completion stage

Final inspection, approval and handover.

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